15 Best Hearing Protection Signs

  ComplianceSigns Vertical Plastic OSHA DANGER Eye & Hearing Protection Sign, 10 X 7 in. with English Text and Symbol, White - Resists uv, chemicals, abrasion and moisture for long life us-made ships fast from our illinois plant. Designed to meet osha safety sign specifications. Plastic ppe, multiple sign with symbol makes your ppe message clear.

Best 20 Phillips Bits

  Qualtool Qryptonite K250-PB3-25 Number 3 Phillips Insert Bit, 25-Pack - It is engineered with optimum balance of shock resistant steel, hardness and plating to minimize breaking and extend tool life. Qualtool qryptonite k250-pb3-25 number 3 philips insert bit 25 pack has a point size of 3, has an overall length of 1 inch and a

Top 19 Best Current Transmitters

  Loulensy DC Current Transmitter Transformer Transducer Split Core Input 0-1500A DC Output 4-20mA DC - Customerised max ranges0-2000a dc,eg calibrate input 0-500a dc output 0-10v. Free standard shipping takes 7-15 daysfree expedited shipping takes 3-6 days,on condition that order is above usd 280. Power consumption=/< 30ma. Offset voltage=/.   Loulensy DC Current Transmitter Transformer Transducer

Best and Coolest 25 Nestaflices

  Nestaflex Expandable/Portable Roller Conveyors – 18″ Wide – 4’10” To 15’10” Long – 28-36″H - Connect multiple conveyors to make virtually any length roller conveyors are flexible and expandableset-up fast when needed. Fold up and store out-of-the-way saving you valuable work space. Capacity per linear foot. Collapsed to extended ratio is 3. 5″ swivel anti-static

Top 24 Film Foil Capacitors

  Cornell Dubilier CDE WMF Series 10% Film & Foil Capacitor, .01uF @ 630V - Great for general electronic repairs, industrial applications, diy projects, and more. Capacitance 0. Features excellnt moisture resistance, non-inductive wound sections, and epoxy sealed ends. Manufactured by cde. 1mm rohs yes. Cornell dubilier wmf series polyester film and foil capacitors. 4mm lead

Top 18 for Best Lindberg Blue

  Lindberg/Blue M Tube Furnace, Single Setpoint Control, 120V - The split-hinge design permits easy observation, convenient placement of process tube and overall ease of operation. Each furnace includes a platinel ii thermocouple, power cord and plug. Model 5326f22 and 5326f24 have a 16-segment controller that incorporates a self-tuning feature which automatically provides control parameter values

Top 15 Tri Squares

  12″ Stainless steel COMBINATION PROTRACTOR TRI-SQUARE RULER LEVEL MULTI-PURPOSE - It also features a try by miter square, depth gauge, height gauge, scribe, and spirit level. The set includes a square head, protractor head and center head. 12″ stainless steel combination protractor tri-square ruler level multi-purpose this item include -12-inch combination square set features a

Top 25 Best Polypropylene Films

  WGCD 200 PCS 10 Values 100V 10nF~470nF CBB Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors Assortment Kit - High quality cbb metal film capacitors assortment. The package contains 10 values, capacitors model 10nf to 470nf. Package quantity 200 pcs in total, 20 pcs per model packed in a convenient plastic storage box, organized by different models. Rated voltage 100v.

Top 17 Parker Hannifins

  Parker Hannifin 365HB-4N Par-Barb Nylon Union Elbow Fitting, 90 Degree Angle, 1/4″ Hose Barb x 1/4″ Hose Barb, White - Parker’s par-barb fittings are injection molded from high strength chemically inert white nylon and black polypropylene materials. Use with a variety of rubber tubing and hoses and the following parker parflex division tubing. Both materials

15 Best and Coolest Countersink Drills

  NUZAMAS 7pcs HSS Countersink Drill Bits Set Woodworking Reamer Chamfer Tool, 3-10mm Pre-Drill Counterbore Drill Bits Made for Screw - Drilling length can be adjusted for various length screws (comes with a handy wrench for your convenience). 7 piece set includes bits for drilling pilot holes for screw sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm. Made of